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KCA's Procurement Services Division is managed by Jim Estes and provides purchasing services for operations throughout the world.


Key advantages of purchasing through KCA include the following:

  • Decades of experience in procuring for and shipping to remote mining operations

  • Our purchasing personnel are technically oriented and familiar with the terminology of the process industries. We can talk your language, and suggest appropriate selections or substitutions

  • Our mark-up on parts and supplies is very competitive and reflects the superior service and follow-up we provide

  • We are very flexible in how we operate - we can work with your consolidation or shipping agents, or we handle the entire process for you

  • KCA is an established company with a long term track record; we will be here for your next purchase

  • Do you need a pump or technical item to meet a performance specification? KCA's engineers work with our purchasing people to select the right equipment. We can turn your "specs" into the right equipment

For more information, please contact us HERE.


SECL is a subsidiary of KCA that not only supports all of our contstruction management activities in Mexico, but also specializes in the international localization, purchase, expedition, import, monitoring, online support, timely delivery, provision of warehousing services for, and inventory management of all the raw materials, tools, spare parts, and machinery necessary for the functioning of their clients' companies. SECL always offers the right products at the right prices, and they are always striving to be a fundamental part of a client's team so that whoever they partner with can accomplish their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

For more information, please contact SECL Del Norte directly:

Servicios Especializados de Compras y Logistica del Norte
Carmina Garcia, General Manager
Calle Gomez Morin No 1903
Col. Altavista C.P. 31200
Chihuahua, Chih, Mexico
(52) 614 426 7542 or (cell) (52) 614 233 4702
Email: cgarcia@kcareno.com