Since 1972, Kappes, Cassiday & Associates (KCA) has specialized in the metallurgical treatment of gold and silver ores. KCA’s laboratory typically completes test work on over 100 different projects each year.


KCA evaluates both precious as well as other metal ores using both cyanide and acid hydrometallurgical methods as well as physical processing methods such as gravity and flotation concentration. In addition, KCA conducts programs used for the design of other unit operations such as carbon adsorption, solvent extraction and electrowinning. KCA has the ability to provide laboratory and pilot scale studies using all-types of mineral beneficiation techniques.


KCA’ s laboratory facility is home to one of the very few pilot scale high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) units in North America. The ThyssenKrupp Polycom PILOTWAL HPGR unit is capable of producing between 6 and 8 tonnes of crushed product per hour and can be used to define both operational parameters as well as sizing for full-scale production units. The products developed from the unit are equivalent to that which will be produced by larger scale units and as such they can be used for additional metallurgical process steps.  KCA’s work to date has focused on using the HPGR for flow sheet development for both heap leach as well as milling circuits. These projects have ranged from precious metal to industrial product applications.


Florin Analytical Services (FAS) is a significant part of KCA and provides analytical services to the mining, industrial minerals and waste management industries.  While serving primarily as the analytical arm of KCA, it also provides analyses to over 30 additional clients each month. The focus of this external work is for cement and industrial minerals projects, which includes check assays for mine operation and exploration programs, multi-element analyses for minor to trace constituents, fire assay analyses for gold and silver, bullion analyses and complex solution and ore characterization.

Florin Analytical Services is equipped with a full complement of analytical equipment allowing for both classical as well as instrumental techniques to be employed. Major equipment items include furnaces for fire assay, both flame as well as plasma induced spectrophotometers for solution analyses and a LECO for carbon and sulfur analyses. FAS enhances KCA's metallurgical lab capabilities by giving it real-time, high-quality process test results.

For more on information on Florin and for our full range of analytical capabilities, please visit the Florin Analytical Services website HERE.