KCA Rotary Splitter

Metallurgical test work now requires a level of accuracy inconceivable years ago. Many metallurgical tests require that large amounts of coarse crushed and fine crushed material be blended and split. The precision of the test work is greatly affected by the accuracy of the preparation of a representative sample of the material to be tested.

Representative sample division is therefore a basic precondition for precision in particle size analysis, particle sizing, chemical analysis, metallurgical test work, spectroscopic analysis, trace element analysis and similar applications.

To avoid errors being introduced at the beginning of the analysis process, KCA has developed a large capacity rotary splitter for handling large super-sacks and or drums of coarse and fine crushed material.

Rotary sample splitters are the most accurate equipment for extracting representative samples from dry, granular or powdered material. This type of unit minimizes the negative influences of diverse and extreme differences in grain size, specific gravity and particle shape.

KCA's Model 9281 Rotary Splitter pictured below

Model 9281 Top View
Model 9281 Side View

KCA Rotary Splitter Model 9281 C_01


• Feed capacity 2,000 kilograms
• Variable speed feed belt
• Variable speed rotating drum plate
• Eight (8) slot receiving plates

• Eight (8) drums with 55 gallon (200 liter) volumetric capacity
• Safety fence with interlocking off switch


The Model 9281C_01 Rotary Splitter sells for US $75,000 FOB Reno, Nevada, Installation and electrical hookup are not included.

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